OCT-7050RA Drilling EDM




    Submerged Type Water Tank Superior Workpiece Surface

    For customers who require fine finish surface, the OCT-7050RA is the first choice. The submerged water tank allows quality and efficient sparking performance even on irregular shaped work pieces. In addition, the travel column structure features constant load on all 3 linear axes, the integrated design is perfectly suitable for aerospace component's mass production, especially the turbine blades in the turbo engine.

    Oversized lower arm fully supports the rotary table unit, with the IP68 isolation class plus an external position encoder, the swiveling accuracy may reach up to +/- 25 sec.



    Fig.1: Max. length when in vertical position: 340mm Max. length when swiveling: 300 mm

    Fig.2: Actual cuting on turbine blade


    Auto Tool Changer (ATC) and Auto Guide Changer (AGC) are standard features of OCT-9012CA / OCT-7050RA. The reliability of ATC and AGC ensures long term operation accuracy and high productivity.

    • ATC Capacity: 16 or 32 tools
    • AGC Capacity: 10 blocks
    • Auto compensation of replacement new electrodes while machining electrode is run out.
    • Once the machining depth is reached, the electrode automatically returns to a fixed height above the workpiece.

    Windows XP Embedded System With Touch Screen

    Compact Hardware and High Quality Human-Machine Interface

    • IPC(MIC-2602) card (On-board Pentium-M 1.4G include VGA)
    • 15" TFT LCD Display Panel
    • Display Power and External Keyboard Interface.
    • I/O Operator's Panel
    • 4 Axes Closed-loop Motion Control Card
    • I/O Control Card.

    Flex and Maintainable

    • Self-Diagnostic System Display.
    • Hardware Status Display.
    • Alarm History Management.
    • USB interface.
    • Chinese/English/German/Japanese Conversion

    User Friendly and Compatible

    • Dialogue Programming
    • G/M Code Programming
    • Background Editing
    • Special Modular Machining (Circle,Rectangle Patterns)
    • Auto Edging, Center of Two Points, Center of Circle Contains Electrode
    • Radius Compensation
    • DXF file and Wire Cut Program Transfer
    • Variable deepness control of machining.
    • Simulation and working path display.
    • Many condition files-each file input has 100 discharge variables.
    • 100 sets of drilling deepness
    ITEM OCT-7050RA
    Table travel (X,Y axes travel) 700x500 mm
    Z axis travel 500mm
    W axis travel 500mm
    Rotary table diameter Φ250mm
    Max. vertical workpiece height 340 mm
    Max. workpiece swiveling range 300mm
    Max. table load 40kgs (When Tilting 30 kgs)
    A axis swiveling range -110° ~ +110°
    B axis rotation range 360°
    Power consumption 8 ~ 10 KVA
    Electrode diameter 0.1 ~ 3.0mm (Opt.: 3.1 ~ 6.3)
    Tank Capacity (submerge) 600 liters
    Max. electrode length (opt.) 500 mm
    Power input Local Specification
    Max. average current 32A (Opt: 64 Amps)
    Machine net weight (N.W.) 3500 kg
    Machine diameter (W x D x H) 2050 x 2200 x 2000 mm
    Standard / Optional Accessories
    16T or 32 T - Auto tool changer STD (32 T – OPT )
    Auto guide changer (0 ~ 3.0 mm.) - 10 blocks STD
    Water filtration system with water tank STD
    Remote controller STD
    Ceramic guide (1.0 mm.) - 1 pc STD
    Filter - 1 pc STD
    Electrode tube (1.0 mm.) - 10 pcs STD
    Electrode holder BS type (0 ~ 3.0 mm.) - 5 pcs STD
    Tool box STD
    Work lamp STD
    Rubber seal - 16 pcs STD
    Extended spindle (Mini spindle) OPT
    Electrode cutting system OPT
    Generator (0 ~ 6.3 mm) - 64A OPT
    Water chiller STD
    ER chuck set (0.1 ~ 6.3 mm.) - 32A OPT

    Floor Space