RT-115 Series Rotary Table




    Submerge Rotary Table

    • 100% Ocean Technologies Product, Turn & Burn Technologies

      The state-of the art in house produced ocean Technologies Rotary Table can fully submerged in water. The isolation grade of IP68 Rotary Table employs motorized spindle that features outstanding accuracy performance.

    • The RT-115B & RT-115AB are also applicable with Wire Cut EDM.
    • RT -115 B Single Axis Rotary table
    Model :RT-115B
    Rotary Table
    Protection Class IP68
    Rotary Table φ115 mm
    Min. Indexing Step 0.001°
    Table Rotating Accuracy 10u
    Indexing Accuracy 40 – 60 sec.
    Precision of Encoder System ± 10 sec.
    Max. Speed 10 r.p.m.
    Speed Reduction Ratio 144:1
    Swiveling Range B axis : 0 - 360°
    Max. Radial Load 15 kgs
    Total Weight 12 kgs
    Suitable environment temperature : 25°C ± 10%