River 1000 CNC Fast Hole Drilling EDM

How can OCEAN TECHNOLOGIES Fast Hole Drilling EDM Produces High Accuracy for Specialized Applications?

Our River 1000 fast hole EDM is a high-speed drilling machine that is extensively utilized for drilling initial holes. This EDM method is capable of drilling up to 70% faster than conventional methods, ensuring efficient and time-saving operations. Moreover, it guarantees high accuracy and can be applied to any conductive material. The fast-hole EDM's small and focused area makes it ideal for intricate work on durable parts. It excels in processing permits the creating rounded or irregularly shaped cavities, making it particularly suitable for industries with high-stress requirements such as aviation and power generation turbines, where precision is of utmost importance. When faced with the need to add small holes to parts with inclined faces or hard-to-reach positions, OCEAN TECHNOLOGIES EDM fast hole drilling machines prove to be the optimal choice. Feel free to reach out to us today for more information on our fast hole EDMs and other manufacturing capabilities.

Fast hole Drilling EDMs Offer Several Advantages Compared to Conventional EDMs Below:

  1. Rapid hole creation with excellent surface quality and minimal recast layers
  2. Able to generate holes ranging from 0.1-6.3mm in diameter
  3. Extreme accuracy
  4. Versatile axial orientation capacity
  5. A single-point electrode can EDM mill complex hole geometries and simultaneously create a round hole through the airfoil wall
  6. Capable of producing round, conical, and custom airfoil holes to meet the specifications of the Aerospace and Gas Turbine Industries
Model noRiver 1000
Table travel (X,Y axes) 1000 x 1200 mm
Work table size 1200 x 1250 mm
Z axis travel 1000 mm
W axis travel 700 mm
Max. workpiece height 1100 mm
Max. workpiece weight 3000 kgs (with tool fixture)
Power input According to local voltage
Max. average current 32 Amps / (64 Amps optional)
Power capacity 6 KVA
Electrode diameter 0.1~3.0 mm / (3.1~6.3 mm Optional)
Machine net weight 7000 kgs
Depth / Width / Height 4350 x 4250 x 4000 mm
*Due to continuous research and development, all specifications and design characteristics are subject to change without prior notice.