River 45 ZNC Hole Drilling EDM

  • The sparking drilling is use of digital control mechanism, which can effectively enhance the small size drilling and speed by stability.
  • With HP1+(plus) high-speed circuit to enhance drilling speed.
Model noRiver 45
Table travel (X,Y axes) 450 x 350 mm
Work table size 600 x 376 mm
Z axis travel 350 mm
W axis travel 200 mm
Max. workpiece height 360 mm
Max. workpiece weight 600 kgs
Power input According to local voltage
Max. average current 32 Amps (64A optional)
Power capacity 3.8 KVA
Electrode diameter 0.1 ~ 3.0mm (3.0 ~ 6.3mm Opt.)
Machine net weight 1300 kgs
Depth / Width / Height 1520 x 1620 x 2230 mm
*Due to continuous research and development, all specifications and design characteristics are subject to change without prior notice.